Real Way to Unlock iPhone 5, 5c, 5s

by admin on November 28, 2013

Hey everyone,

5s-2So today I’m going to tell you about how you can unlock your iPhone 5 series (5, 5c and 5s) in the easiest way possible. Want to use a different SIM-card with your iPhone? Then read on.

First, a vital piece of information. The internet is full of guides that tell you ways in which you can unlock any smartphone. These are simply scams that just want your money. An authentic iPhone 5/5c/5s unlock is straightforward, inexpensive and quick.

To help you better understand these less than reputable options out there I am going to go through each one and tell you exactly why you need to avoid using them.

Software Unlock – a very common scam that never works

Let me be clear about this: there is no software that unlocks an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c. Yes, you will find them on the internet but they are all run by scammers who want nothing more than to get your payment details. I have fallen victim to this myself. I have bought several of these to try and unlock my phone however the only result I got was that I paid for a worthless piece of software and gave out my credit card number. Don’t follow my mistake with these bogus software programs.

Hardware Unlock – isn’t reliable and has major warranty repercussions

Modifying the hardware can be an unreliable method of unlocking your phone. No doubt for some people they work however overwhelmingly they cause more issues than anything else. Basically this method of unlocking your iPhone consists of ordering alternative SIM-trays from China.

These, in theory, allow your iPhone 5/5s/5c to be used with a different SIM. The issues stem from the fact that the tray is bigger than the one that Apple put into the iPhone. The SIM card can jam and simply won’t work. No problem you say, just take it to the Apple store. Well, that tray you just bought and inserted yourself has voided your warranty and now you’re left with a modified iPhone that can’t be used.

Network Unlocking (or “IMEI unlocking”) – quick and lasts forever

The only safe, reliable and permanent method to having your iPhone 5/5c/5s unlocked. What happens is an insider gets onto Apple’s global database of iPhone registration numbers (IMEI) and makes sure that your iPhone number is put on what is known as Apple’s global whitelist. Basically this means that you can then use your iPhone on any network you have access to.

An email will be sent to you to let you know that your process has been completed successfully and that your iPhone has been unlocked. When you connect your iPhone to iTunes for the first time since unlocking you will be greeted with this message:


Unlike the previous methods, your iPhone is now unlocked permanently. Also, your Apple warranty is still intact because you did it officially.

So, what’s the problem? Well before I found the sites I am about to show you, the only way I knew of getting an official IMEI unlock was to use your mobile phone carrier. The issue here is that it was very expensive – even up to $250 or more in some cases!

Not wanting to pay this hefty fee I decided to do some research online and below are the best companies that deal with IMEI unlocking. They are safe, have a great system of customer support, a solid online reputation and I have personally dealt with them. The best comes first:


The Top 3 Unlocks for iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c


1. Official iPhone Unlock (10/10 – best there is)

I was actually referred to these guys by one of my friends who was having the same issues with trying to unlock his iPhone 5 series.

They are inexpensive, provide a great service and the best thing of all is that they are QUICK.

I started the process on a Friday night and faced another weekend of waiting and trying to get my iPhone unlocked.

No such thing with these guys because less than 12 hours later I got my email confirmation telling me that my iPhone was unlocked. I connected it to my iTunes, saw the message I posted a screenshot of above and rejoiced that FINALLY I could use my iPhone 5 series on any network I wished.

They are cheap but that doesn’t mean they skip on quality and their customer support and communication was second to none.

I’m not amazing with technology (although I am better than most) and even my most basic, and probably stupid questions, were answered right away and in a polite manner. Because I had been scammed before I really threw a load of questions their way just to make sure they were legit, and they most certainly were. My iPhone 5 is now unlocked :)

If you are thinking of unlocking your phone then I have no hesitation in recommending Official iPhone Unlock.

You can find them here: Official iPhone Unlock


2.     iUnlock Pro (7/10)

Anything compared to Official iPhone Unlock seems a step down but these guys aren’t too bad.

Their customer support could definitely do with a revamp as it took a couple of days before I got a reply (maybe they were just really busy?). At any rate I expected at least a generic response within 48 hours.

If for some (very) unlikely reason Official iPhone Unlock isn’t working right then this would be my second choice but definitely some way behind my first recommendation.


3.      IMEI Unlocking (6/10)

It is difficult to separate these guys from the Official iPhone Unlock service. They aren’t nearly on the same level as Official iPhone Unlock (their customer service is a bit worse than both) although they can be used if the other two aren’t working.

Their processing times are much slower and you’re talking a week or more rather than hours.

Also, the payment services they support are very limited.



To sum up in case you don’t want to go through all that detail…

  1. Software unlocks don’t work and unless you want scammed, stay clear.
  2. Hardware unlocking works but voids your warranty and takes up to a month to complete
  3. IMEI unlocking is fast, safe, legal, inexpensive and within a day your iPhone will be unlocked

Hopefully this guide provided you with some useful information. If, like I was, you are fed up with only having one carrier option I suggest you use Official iPhone Unlock to get your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s unlocked right away.

The other options I gave you aren’t nearly as effective as these guys and I have nothing but good words to say about my experience with them.

Hope this helps!


Mike Tutor


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Tracking Software programs are a way for employers and parents necessity.

I know that you just remember the time when you were a teenager. You know if your parents are not directed you exactly how it is easy to make dumb errors with full life results. As a parent your self, you simply need the best for the youngster. Obviously, teens today are far more prone to poor influences from distinct factors. Technology is the largest factor that could influence our lifestyle and our children’s life.

Handsets have been out for nearly a decade now. But it’s become accessible even for our children and more affordable. In case you suspect your child is doing something improper, like sexting or visiting pornographic sites on her or his phone number, don’t you would like to help your children and guide them better? Fortunately for us parents, we can fight technology with technology. We may benefit from mobile phone observation tools.

What is the most useful attribute that a mobile tracking tool that is parental must have? The thing is, you not only need to track browsing habits and your child’s phone calls. In addition, you need a sms monitoring system for your kid’s cellphone. Do not forget that teenagers infrequently make use of their phones’ chat attribute. This is the brand new age, and seemingly, text messaging is employed more by children nowadays. Sms’ more feature makes children comfortable to concept other adolescents more personal stuff. How ironic, because sms will leave accurate documentation of any inappropriate messages. Multimedia messages are much more dangerous in cases like this.

This is why sms tracking is very important. Text messages give children the illusion of privacy, but is is certainly very public if it gets printed online. The only real method we are able to help our teenager will be to know just what other teenagers are being sent by them. Technology has really empowered adolescents to create things that were great, but it has additionally made it more easy for them to make blunders in a manner that was new and dangerous.

It lets you know all the secrets
You also need to know what things are kept hidden from you apart from what’s occurring. This can be people in communicating or the spots where the user regularly goes to.

It tells you what’s occurring
Your children and employees may not let you know about tasks that are digital that are specific, they participate in but monitoring will certainly tell everything to you.

And also to know all this, you’ll just have to install an iPad monitoring app in the target device and you are done! Once the program starts functioning, you can learn about most of the things that the user does with their phone without a lot of difficulty, from where you can get it right away, from wherever you need with as straightforward answer is given,the requirement is a gadget with Internet connection.

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All has been written about jailbreaking iPhone 5 devices but it seems there is too little knowledge about Unlocking iPhone 5 as there are not much written on this subject. Jailbreaking means freeing your iPhone 5 from the limitation of being able to download only from the AppStore. After jailbreaking your device, you can install whatever apps, themes or extensions you want and as much as your storage can handle.

On the other hand, Unlocking means freeing your device from its service provider. With an unlocked phone, you’ll be able to use a different service provider’s SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), aside from the one you are currently subscribed with. In simple terms, Unlocking allows you to transfer your device to any service provider of your choice.

Out of the many unlocking software mushrooming over the Internet, it is recommended that you use a trusted application that you can depend to have already been tried and tested and more importantly, effective. Although jailbreaking and unlocking iphones are generally safe, using or trying for less reputable applications, there are higher chances that you might end up with a bricked iPhone 5, which means rendering your device unusable and useless. The best tools might cost a bit more than the others, but it ensures the safety of your Apple device.

As programmers, developers and hackers race against time to come up with the latest and develop a new way to unlock and jailbreak iPhone 5 and bypass Apple’s security restrictions, they have come up with a user friendly and bug-free application similar to previous jailbreaking or unlocking tools. Others who already have platforms are gauging their way on having the latest update for their previous releases to make sure it can accommodate iPhone 5. Others were also trying to merge these two processes into one application just like other leading jailbreaking tools.

As long as you can read and understand, don’t need detailed guidance on how to unlock iPhone 5, as these are really simple and easy. Just make sure that prior to start unlocking your device, ensure that all files are properly backed up. Again, the latest unlocking applications are now readily available to assist you, some of them no longer require human intervention except when you need to plug in your iPhone 5 and click on the START button.

The benefits you can enjoy from an unlocked phone certainly exceed the trouble of unlocking your iphone. Unlocking your device lets you shop for better deals from other service providers that offer more. This is also a big help for you people who’s always on the go, making sure that your device has the best connection available on your current location. Some areas might not be covered with the service provider you are locked with.

Another main reason why people need to unlock their iphone 5 is when they want to sell or to give it away. Transferring service subscription to the new user takes more effort and time than simply unlocking the device.

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iPhone 5 Features And How To Unlock It

by admin on April 25, 2013

Rumors have it that the iPhone 5 may not be the sole handset to be released in 2013. There are also rumors that say some cheaper and plastic iPhones will also be released in response to the growing popularity of cheaper Android phones. This is to happen while Apple is preparing for an even grandiose smartphone to be launched within the year and will be called iPhone Math. Analysts believe that the latest iPhones will come in several sizes although this has not been confirmed yet.

Reports say that if iPhone 5 will be offered in a cheaper price, this will only means that Apple is already diversifying its manufacturers from Foxconn to Pegatron. In an estimate, Pegatron may be responsible in producing 75 percent of the low-cost iPhones. According to a source from the website of China Times, the iPhone Math will be carrying a sizable display of 4.8 inch along with an 8MP camera.

The latest cheaper and larger handset is intended in addressing the emerging markets in other parts of the world like China. However, it is also believed that the iPhone 5 shall follow the iPhone 5 shell which has been a penchant of Apple since they have done the same with iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S.

Earlier this year, information was leaked on Apple’s latest handset that will be following the design of iPhone, with a prime difference on the larger flash of the camera and its beefier size. However, this is hardly a ground breaking move for Apple since it has been touting a 13 Mega Pixel camera. This hardly bucks the trend especially now that Sony Xperia Z already has this and Samsung Galaxy S4 is more likely to offer the same.

In December of 2012, it was reported that the images of the purported next generation iPhone 5 was posted in a French website. The images reveal an exterior that is virtually identical to the present iPhone 5 although there are some slight changes in the internal parts. It was also suggested that iPhone 5 shall have a dual SIM functionality.

For years, there had been rumors that iPhone will include NFC on some stage. Yet, this rumor had been proven unfounded. Moreso, Apple has already decided to include the Passbook to iPhone5 and iOS to give the latest device a different feature. It was also believed that iPhone 5 shall have added security which will include fingerprint scanners. While there is still no confirmation about this, Apple’s acquisition of AuthenTec for around 356 million has made this technology possible.

Amazingly, iPhone 5, has been developing a technology for wireless use of power for the iPhone 5. This will follow the concept of NFMR or the near-field magnetic resonance wherein the charging system shall involve resonance.

With the release of iPhone 5, there will still be complaints regarding its ultra-tight restrictions. Enter Jailbreaking. A process where you bypass the restrictions and gains access for themes and apps from a third party provider, the process will unlock your phone as well. What you need to do is to wait for the release of iPhone 5 and see how it will enhance your life, this will give you an idea as to the missing components of your device and look for it from Cydia after the process of jailbreaking had been complete.

Yet, before you do, consider that you also need a tool that will help you jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 5, wait a little further and give time for the developers to come up with one that you can use easily.

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The release of iPhone 5 may be delayed to until June or later due to some problems that the manufacturer encountered concerning its latest feature. The fingerprint scan designed by Apple will replace the passcode application common in the previous models in unlocking the system.

A source from the supply chain in Taiwan confirmed that Apple is still trying to find the best coating material that will not interfere with the functionality of the fingerprint sensor. This, according to the source might cause the delay of iPhone 5’s launching.

In addition to the challenges of finding the best coating material, the suppliers mentioned that Apple also intends to develop a cheaper iPhone model that is intended to appeal the lower income buyers as growth in the market had been observed to be significantly increasing in India and China. Apple’s suppliers in Japan stressed that small scale production of the display panels shall commence on May which will be turned into a mass production come June.

The newest iphone models will be using the same 4 inches screen although the cheaper version will not include the latest fingerprint technology and with a cheaper casing, according to the source. After the company’s acquisition of AuthenTec, a biometrics firm in 2012, Apple is determined to introduce the fingerprint scanning technology on its iDevices.

Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI securities said that their company expects the biometric installation to be revealed as an added feature in iPhone 5. He also added that they are expecting iPhone 5 to have the fingerprint chip below the Home button which will ultimately improve its usability and security.

Meanwhile, hackers and developers are also eager to see this new features of iPhone 5 and sits to work on developing a new unlocking or jailbreaking tool that will bypass the security restrictions of Apple in this latest iphone version. They are also expected to come up with a tool that is user friendly and is free from any probability of crashes. Similar to previous jailbreaking or unlocking tools, the one that will be created needs to be downloadable and will be launch in the PC after the device has been upgraded to the latest iOS. The tool could be run in few minutes and perform the process while you wait. When it is done, you can already enjoy all the benefits of a newly jailbroken iPhone 5. There might be some changes now since the new features may require different approach to bypass.

Investors and suppliers of Apple are struggling to gauge demand with the introduction of almost similar devices from other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and new rivals in the market. This is the reason why a cheaper version of an iDevice is in motion for creation. There are still challenges with supplies management as the volume of demand drops. In Japan, the company has already been tagged as ‘Poison Apple’ since its standards, as they say, is hard to meet while the price expectation is very low.

Finally, Apple’s decline in the market and industry supremacy in 2012 has emboldened its partners and suppliers in demanding for higher component costs. This event has become another factor with the delay in the launching of the much awaited iPhone 5. This has also becomes another challenge to jailbreakers on how to respond to the clamor for jailbreaking/unlocking tool by the users of iPhone 5.

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Few weeks after the release of iPhone 5, jailbreaking and unlocking tool developers all over the world were able to upgrade their respective software to come up with a tool that will unlock or jailbreak the latest device from Apple. This has created excitement on jailbreaking and unlocking iDevices fanatics as it allows them enjoy both worlds, one by having the coolest device and two by gaining access to the best apps that defines your personality.

In recent updates, some of the iPhone 5 features were disclosed by a reliable source from Apple wherein the front-facing camera of this device will be featuring a slightly different design of cable compare to the present iPhone 5. So if you are going to asked if this front-facing camera shall have an improved megapixels, then the answer is No.

The pixels might remain the same. The very reason for the altered design is the change in the internal components of this soon to be released smartphone. eTrade Supply took credits in getting this new component along with a new aspect that does not have any similarities with the existing iPhone 5. In a statement, an enthusiast says that he has tried looking for the same component within the newest version of iPhone, iPad and iPod, to no avail. This mystery component could be a part of the rumored cheaper iPhone device that is also set to be released in the upcoming months of 2013.

The talk about the front facing camera has been around as the rear-facing camera may be sporting 12 megapixels. A report that came from Vietnam said that a source from Wonderful Saigon Electrics located in Binh Duong, mentioned that the rear-facing camera is going to have 12 mega pixels and will feature an improvement that will support low light photography.

Meanwhile, in a report from the Wall Street Journal says that if Apple will be producing the successor of iPhone 5, they need to aim for a launch on summer. In addition, they have reported that the company’s next smartphone will have similar shape and size to that of the iPhone 5. It is expected that Apple will implement a more radical design on its iPhone 6.

In recent weeks, the release of iPhone 5 has become the subject of several speculations wherein date varies from June to August, while others say that it will happen by late September. Yet, there has been very few information coming out regarding the specs of this new smartphone.

There had been pictures surfacing which some people claim to be the motherboard of iPhone 5 and that the images were sent to them using an IP that belongs to the Apple headquarters located in Cupertino making the picture and its authenticity a credible one. It is said that the modified motherboard is similar in size with the iPhone 4S, thus indicating that the iPhone 5 will come and possess the same touchscreen of previous handsets that measures 4 inches.

Moreso, the picture shows an A7 chip which is claimed to be the quad processor that clocked at 1.2GHz. Rumors say that specs of the new iPhone 5 will include 2GB RAM along with a power SGX554MP4 GPU. The latest iPhone is also expected to have a faster Siri that will be able to supports additional languages.

Finally, whatever the development is with iPhone 5, jailbreaking and unlocking fanatics are assured that they can avail of the tools weeks after the iphone is released, and after the developers completed the tool.

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Apple definitely feels the pressure now in getting its latest iPhone device in the market the soonest possible time. It was rumored that initial designs of the iPhone 5 started under the supervision and watchful eyes of Steve Jobs. The question is on how significant iPhone 5s really is? If we are going to talk about the latest features, the answer will always be yes.

Enthusiasts of iPhone s5 believe that it could be released by June. They also believe that the company will be releasing another iPhone later of 2013. But, this is not shared by all the eager fanatics of iPhone 5s. Sources from the inside claimed that the latest device’s full commercial has already begun its production. This rumor also brought in another buzz that suggests the production started in March and will be followed immediately by its mid-year release in June. This date is backed by analyst from Piper Jaffray. They also believe that a cheaper iPhone may possibly be released later in September.

It can be recalled that in 2012, the release of iPhone 5 was set to a later date. This is due to some manufacturing components which have a direct effect on the sales targets. Many believe that the next generation iPhone and iPad will be introduced by Apple mid of 2013. Orders of its component had been placed by Apple increased even before the rollout of iPhone 5s. This could only mean a full-on production.

A site that releases news on iPhones believes that the 5 shall make its market debut in August 2013. This has been agreed upon by several other enthusiasts who are also looking forward to see a glimpse of the latest features of iPhone 5. News and rumors say that the latest iPhone 5 or even the iPhone 6 might include a Super HD display on its screen and its camera. It might also feature a 10 point multi-touch capability and that the device will only be 0.5mm thick. This data came from an insider of Apple.

It was also reported that the iPhone 5s will feature the newest Retina+ Sharp IGZO on its display. This is going to be with the Full HD 1080p resolution. It is clear that the company intends to release two iDevices that will have different handset sizes since it aims to compete with the massive patronage of Android devices that are already in the market.

While all of these are happening, developers of unlocking software are also already looking forward to seeing the inside of iPhone 5 and find ways how they can bypass its tight securities. Commonly, it will take them few weeks before they can produce unlocking software for the device. When this happens, owners will be able to choose a network carrier of their preference.

Unlocking the iPhone 5s also means that you have to jailbreak it to be able to gain access to several apps, tweaks and tools that will help you in personalizing your iPhone. People who are interested in the iPhone 5s are expecting two things, the release date of this new device and the release date of the jailbreaking/unlocking tool.

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The Coming Of iPhone 5s: How To Unlock It?

April 25, 2013

People around the world had been enjoying the latest iPhone 5. The good news is that, rumors in the online community have that the newest offering of Apple which is the iPhone 5S will be released sometime this year. Following the naming pattern of Apple, it will be named as iPhone 5S. It was noted […]

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